The first week of my photo challenge had me batting for the fences.  I roused myself up super early, before the sun barely woke up even, and journeyed up into the Berkeley hills for a little hiking and some shooting.  I hadn’t used my camera in awhile, so was rusty.  I had also brought the wrong lens to the show (70-300mm), as I had originally been hoping to shoot the far off San Francisco skyline as the sun hit it.

That idea quickly turned fruitless, as the skies were fairly overcast, so the kid and I decided to hike a little around Lake Anza for more inspiration. Yet again, the shots I attempted with the dSLR failed due to the close angle of the lens, so I ended up choosing this photo taken by my HTC One. The sun was just cresting the opposite tree line and shone down beautifully over the lake’s surface.

  • Project 52
  • Week 01
  • Berkeley, California