Edible Delights and Halloween Frights

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Life has been a whirlwind of events for us!

October brought us to Clinton’s 37th birthday, which we celebrated in fine style with a murder mystery party on Friday the 13th.  We managed to fit forty people and three doggies into our cozy one bedroom apartment!  The party was a total hit!  We also attended Decompression SF 2017, and spent time with great friends at multiple Halloween events.

Aside from all that, the wedding planning kicked into high gear.  After multiple quotes, we decided on a caterer and had a lovely food tasting.  Unfortunately, they had overbooked for themselves for our day (of course, it’s an Asian wedding magnet with three 8’s in the date!), so we had to go with our second choice.  Luckily, they were still available for our date, and their food ended up being even more tasty than the first!

While we’re working on planning our two events in the Bay, Clinton’s mom is busy helping us plan all of the details for the reception in Cleveland.  We’ve just confirmed the band, and have finalized the hotel room block there.  Details are slowly being added to the website as we go along.

Now it’s on to getting more details locked down!  Cheers to just 9 months left till the big day!

Wedding Invitations Selected

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After many months of deliberating and buying of wedding invitation samples (which ended up a bust since the company went out of business), we finally settled on layouts for all three of our events!  I pre-ordered a few to see how they look, and I’m hoping for fabulous.

Cleveland Reception Venue Confirmed

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Shaker Heights Country Club

We spent today looking at a couple different venues for the wedding reception in Cleveland, and settled on the Shaker Heights Country Club, which is the golf course that Clinton’s parents’ apartment overlooks.  The venue is gorgeous, and bright and airy. We also tightened down some of the planning with Clinton’s mom, so everything is looking up for this reception! Now to start the majour planning on the other two events.

Dreaming of Steampunk

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We’ve been psyched to have our reception steampunk-themed, and lately, I’ve been doing research to get ideas on how to steampunk our wedding out without being overly expensive. Thank you Amazon! I’m so excited! I’ve even found ways to steampunk my Chinese dress for the reception!

Venues Officially Booked!

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Lake Merritt Sailboat House
Lake Merritt

I ended up taking a long lunch today and went down to the Oakland Parks and Recreation Department to fill out our applications and put down the deposits for both the Japanese Gardens and Sailboat House.  We got our date locked down!  Now on to the planning stages.  Excitement levels increased!

The Gardens at Lake Merritt

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We fell in love with the Garden Center and botanical gardens during the Autumn Lights Festival last fall, so decided to take a site tour to evaluate if it would be a good backdrop for our wedding.  So I booked a site tour with the Oakland Parks and Recreation Department during lunch.  Clinton worked from home today, so he could easily meet me there.

The tour was extensive, and our guide answered all of our questions.  The idea was to have the ceremony in the Japanese Gardens, but the garden area is fairly small, so at most we could just put down a few chairs for our parents.  The garden was still just as lovely, so I think we’re going with that.

The Garden Room adjoining the gardens that we can rent together ended up being a might bit too small for even our small wedding reception, so at first we were contemplating another room in the Garden Center.  However, our guide ended up taking us to check out the Sailboat House too.  I had been there once before for my parents’ friend’s 60th birthday several years back.

Our timing could not have been more perfect!  The weather was absolutely perfect when we went – a break in the rain allowed for a stunningly sunny and gorgeous lake, with puffy white clouds in the sky that accentuated the large walls of windows of the Sailboat House.  We fell immediately in love with the venue!  Now to finalize plans and book the places!

Wedding Fairs are Horrid

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Just checked out my first ever wedding fair today at the Oakland Marriott, and I brought my mom for support.  I will never go to another wedding fair again!  All they want to do is talk to you and sell you shit.  All I wanted was the booze they were serving and to look at stuff without people badgering me.  Yup, I will do the planning on my own again, thank you very much.  I’m just glad I got the tickets off of Groupon, so didn’t waste too much money on the affair.